The SSMT simulator


The SSMT simulator is based on SimpleScalar v2.0 (PISA), augmented to simulate an SMT pipeline. This simulator was originally developed by Dominik Madon, and was described in a paper by the same author appearing in Proceedings of EuroPar '99. (Madon's original simulator can be found here). We have added a few new features to Madon's original simulator, and fixed some bugs. A new version of SSMT simulator based on SimpleScalar v3.0 (Alpha) is also available.


  • Pisa version based on SimpleScalar v2.0
    (ssmt-1.0.tar.gz, document)
  • Alpha version based on SimpleScalar v3.0
    (alpha-ssmt-x86-1.0.tar.gz, document)
  • Last updated: November 2003 by Seungryul Choi (